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A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air by passing the moist air over a cold dehumidifying coil. The moisture condenses out of the air on this coil and then drains from the coil into a bucket.

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A dehumidifier reduces the relative humidity of the surrounding air two ways. The removal of moisture from the air ( as described above ) reduces its humidity. The relative humidity of the air is further reduced by heating as the air is discharged over the condenser and out the front. The air is actually heated several degrees in this process. It is normal for the surrounding air to slightly increase in temperature as the dehumidifier operates. This heating effect further reduces the relative humidity of the surrounding air.

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Question & Answers,

Q - Will my desiccant dehumidifier work in a cold room ?

A -  A desiccant dehumidifier will not operate satisfactory in a room that is below 65 degrees F. At this temperature it will become necessary to operate the dehumidifying coil below freezing temperatures in order to reduce the relative humidity to a reasonable valve. Frost on coils usually will appear.

 Q - My unit will not operate at all, help.

A - Unit may be unplugged. House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped. Check the bucket, it may be full, empty it. Float not inside the bucket properly, adjust the float so it hangs in the bucket properly.

Q - I have frost building up on my coils.

A - Is the air temperature to cold, below 65 degrees? Dirty coils can effect the air flow over the coils, unit may need to be steam washed. Poor air flow from a slow fan can also allow the coils to frost up.

Q - My unit does not seem to remove much moisture. 

A - Poor air flow from a slow fan or the fan motor may have quit completely. Dirty coils, may need to be steam cleaned. Unit too close to the wall giving poor air flow. desiccant dehumidifier s have a compressor inside, it may not be running due to a bad start relay or a bad compressor or faulty float switch. 

Q - My desiccant dehumidifier is making a squealing noise.

A - This often is a bad fan motor. It will need to be replaced.

Q - My desiccant dehumidifier will not collect water and seems to be making a   clicking on and off noise.

A - Often a clicking on and off noise is the compressor trying to start but cannot. Often this can be as minor as a bad start relay or as major as a bad compressor itself. 

Q - My desiccant dehumidifier will not collect water.

A - If the fan is operating ok, some desiccant dehumidifier s have a frost guard switch ( round device attached to the evaporator coils ). If this frost guard opens circuit it will stop the compressor from running at all. A ohm meter can be used to test the frost guard switch.


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